Real Estate Investors, Tri-State Region $5M-$100M

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mhm-iconfinan-modelingReal Estate investors in the $5M-$100M range often have a skeletal staff and outsource select services. Deal analysis may be handled by a buyer’s broker (who is compensated in commission from a property sale).

Does your organization operate this way? Do your investment guidelines [consistently] need to be matched to the broker’s projections? (eg. scrub projections against your investment guidelines that includes core property type, financing sources, IRR/NPV/MIRR and holding period, splits or promotes to investors). If so, does that create “extra work” for your small staff?

Property financials and your investment guidelines are plugged into each suspect investment, and periodically, to assets within your portfolio. Such activities seek to identify how well a suspect or incumbent investment can contribute to your portfolio and enhance profits. Analysis reveals which assets need to be [financially] optimized or sold.

return on investmentxls-analI can perform these analyses for you on-demand or by project, free of HR expenses. Working with me gets you the projections you need to decide which property (ies) to buy, optimize or sell. I establish a working relationship with you, learn your investment criteria, equity relationships and financing tools to guide my work for you. Within a few completed projects, I will see properties from your perspective, expediting my work for you.

I was raised on real estate within the tristate region.  I leased or sold $30 million in transactions as commercial realtor [whether listed or not], most multi-tenant, some mixed-use, (eg. land, retail, industrial, flex, medical and office properties). I have a current, holistic view of the market and am adept at valuation. I am savvy to the makeup of micromarkets and the nuances of their communities. I understand how properties make money, to maximize rent and to divide floors efficiently. I am equally versed with how to build space that works efficiently. Extensive networking and transaction activities introduced me to key market players.  (Additionally, if you buy properties in the Atlanta MSA, I am savvy to that market, having worked it from Q403-Q407).


segal 4x5pm-iconI am available by transaction or project; all compensation is reported annually via 1099, saving you HR expenses and benefits.  I approach work with a sensible, flexible, can-do attitude. (People I’ve met say a New York City attitude shines from me.) My efforts are complimented by knowledge and knowhow, with attention to detail.  If you’d like to discuss these “Quant with Project Management” services for your [real estate] investment portfolio, please ask your executive assistant to fill out “Request a Consultation” at the base of About Me in this website. Enter “Quant/PM” in the subject line, then paste their email signature in the message body. I reply within 24hrs to arrange an exploratory conference call within your calendar. ###



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