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Business real estate has become a more expensive asset to buy and operate, taking up a bigger cost percentage of your company’s operating expenses; it may encumber your ability to pay for other important and necessary operating expenses. Your choices of space can be abundant or few based on your operating needs, forward budget or funds to allocate for purchase.  (We don’t place your business into a time box and deal structure to satisfy your real estate needs to generate a brokerage fee.)

Evaluate Enterprise Objectives Space Solution Engineering Market Options; Use vs. Holding Period Test Fit
Occupancy Cost Ratio Negotiate for Choices Tax Advantages Space Closing
Project Charter Construction Management Relocation Management Post Move-In Support

We apply Business Analysis processes from IIBA’s ECBA framework to engineer a real estate solution that meets the operating objectives of your business.  We factor corporate real estate concepts to ensure workplace solutions are aligned to enterprise strategies, that can achieve operating objectives.  We work with single space needs or manage a portfolio of space for an enterprise.  We work with all types of commercial real estate (e.g. land development, property re-use, office, health care, loft, flex, industrial, retail).

This is a strategic real estate brokerage service to users of commercial space that operate from PA to CT; we deliver favorable and cost-effective results, short and long-term.  We craft a sensible timeline to effectively service your assignment to get the property you need at the best terms possible.  These Corporate Real Estate / Consulting services are delivered as your single point of contact to service or coordinate all your transaction needs from start to finish.  The typical client is emerging, experiencing operating change or is involved in a merger or acquisition.

We review your lease or buy options logically and financially (with software driven projections).  Building and space attributes, with financial projections, will show the differences between space (or building) choices.  Those choices are evaluated for enterprise alignment.  If you agree the corporate real estate services outlined above could be valuable to your operating activities, request a free consultation with me by filling out the “Request a Consultation” form in the About Us web page.  Please write “CRES” in the subject line, paste the contact information of your executive assistant or COO into the message body.  I will reply within 24 hours to schedule a discussion to identify the specific real estate needs of your business .  Thanks for reading, perhaps I’ll hear from you soon. ###


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