Forensic Lease Audit

If your business leases commercial space, does your additional rent billed seem abnormally high? Is the source befuddling you?; a Forensic Lease Audit can identify the source. A Forensic Lease Audit is a complete review of your lease language with related billing. The goal is to verify the accuracy of rent billed to your business by your landlord. The auditor becomes your advocate to identify the correct amount of overcharges billed by your landlord, to be reimbursed to your business or credited to your rent account; future billing normalizes to match your CFO’s rent expectations. The categories listed below are often a source of overcharged additional rent:

  • Building Maintenance costs
  • Capital expenditures passed along as ordinary repairs and maintenance
  • Costs non-compliant with lease terms
  • Double billing of costs
  • Overstated gross–up calculations

Leases often have a short window of time to audit rent invoiced to dispute the charges. Lease clause language and their actual application to the billing of escalation charges (eg. Operating Expense Costs, CPI, and Porter Wage) are quite unique. Savvy financial advocacy can get overcharged additional rent found from a Forensic Lease Audit reimbursed or credited to your rent account and normalize future rent billing. The Forensic Lease Audit is a niche financial service that differs from the services offered by accountants or attorneys.

If your rent bills are abnormally high, we recommend contacting The Lease Audit & Review Co. directly.  They have extensive expertise in escalation lease interpretations and their compliance.   They’ve helped many commercial Tenants over 30 years to recover overcharged additional rent. Reach The Lease Audit & Review Co. at or reach Tom Woodward, Principal at, 201.264.5265.

If renewal or relocation is warranted to lower your real estate costs, BREG collaborates with The Lease Audit & Review Co. to ensure the language in your new lease guides the Landlord to prepare rent bills fairly. If you’d like to discuss BREG’s Tenant Rep services, please click “Request A Consultation” link in the upper right of the screen. Enter “Help Lower My Rent Bills” in the subject line; please include your name, email address and telephone number in the message body; I reply within 24 hours. Thanks for reading and listening. ###

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