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strategic real estate services | serving small to mid-tier businesses from PA to MA

Core Services: Portfolio Management | Property Reposition | Corp RE Services | Health Care & Biotech

SPRE is a team within Berko & Associates



How to Facilitate the Growth of Your Enterprise

Finding land, property, or space is easy. I give you unbiased advice, aligned with your needs (without sticky issues of dual agency), to identify/craft the right deal, on your timeline, that meets your operating needs

Each client’s needs and personality are unique. I make contact with you early in your change process to take time to get to know you, your business and your operating goals. With that, I can offer a high level of service, advice and guidance that few of my competitors offer.  Qualitative/quantitative analysis, CCIM strategic analysis model, graduate education, industry certifications, and best practices in service delivery.  SPRE offers four core services: 1. Portfolio Management. 2. Property Reposition (through asset management). 3. Tenant Rep.  4. Tenant Rep to Health Care and Biotech companies.

One.  Portfolio Management.  Assist small to mid-tier owners of commercial property to identify core returns for house equity, identify external investors to leverage house equity, identify makeup of  a diversified portfolio to achieve yield objectives, and source properties to evaluate.  These outsourced portfolio management services are compensated via a percentage of AUM.

Two.  Property Repositions.  Assesses a property’s ability to contribute to asset portfolio via succinct feasibility study or identify and evaluate stand-alone properties for re-use (land or building).  Most-likely uses of space, lease terms, and staggered lease expiration dates generate yield per property.  These outsourced property reposition services are compensated via a percentage of Effective Gross Income plus commissions to renew leases and re-let vacancies.

Asset Management.  The successful reposition of a commercial real estate asset requires an asset management plan (AMP).  It’s assembled by the asset manager to achieve yield objectives over a planned holding period (e.g. buy, finance, fix, lease, refinance, sell).  Properties and space within properties are listed with the goal of optimizing the value of the asset.  AMP includes asset management, property management, marketing and leasing services.  Services include full-service underwriting of AMP with project management skills.  The AMP is presented to the client for approval or revision before launch to the public.

Three.  Corporate Real Estate Services.  Help emerging growth and multi-market companies to acquire, dispose, restructure and re-forecast existing real estate obligations via creative solutions using a 7-point service aligned to meet each client’s needs.  Corporate real estate principles applied as needed (e.g. space size and layout, location, lease terms, exit plan, sustainable environment).  Advanced understanding of corporate real estate, property and transaction analysis, real estate finance, plus construction, helps to sharpen deals for clients.

Four.  Health Care & Biotech.  Serving health care insurers, infrastructure providers, billers, clinical health care providers, and biotech companies with 5-150 employees, operating from one or multiple locations.  Real estate services include corporate (tenant) real estate services, property acquisition, or disposition.  Strategic planning, business analysis, and CAHIMS principles influence service delivery.

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